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The Oxford Academy International Examinations (OAIE) is an International Examining, Licensing and Regulatory Professional body formed by a number of experienced educationalists and senior business executives for the purpose of providing aspiring and practicing managers and professionals with the opportunity to participate and to be part of the process of improving managerial performance and effectiveness in all areas of business, industry and public administration.
The UK has an outstanding reputation for excellence in education from the development and export of educational programmes to further and higher education. Education is not only a very important sector in its own right but is also important component in every other industry and professions, all require specialised education. As part of OAIE's progressive commitment to education, a number of programmes have been developed to meet a wide variety of needs specific to business in various countries and these are made available through global alliance partners.
Our Vision Statement
The Oxford Academy International Examinations is recognised as the premier provider of excellence in management development.
Our Mission Statement 
To lead in the delivery of quality programmes that will promote the continuous education and professional growth of our membership
Aims and Objectives
Provide a National Voice on issues affecting the management process in UK and worldwide 
Increase awareness of business management as a profession
Develop and maintain educational programmes consistent with the aspirations of our membership  
Provide certification to aspiring and practising managers across UK and Internationally


Global Trustee Board


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The Global Trustee Board (GTB) is the principal governing body of the Oxford Academy International Examinations and is responsible for its governance and well-being. The Trustees are responsible  for the overall direction of the Academy, including setting strategy, annual operational plans, budgets and investment policy. The GTB also has oversight of three direct reports: the Nominations Committee, Remuneration Committee and Disciplinary  Committee.The Trustees meet 3 times annually and participate actively on committees and task groups between meetings. The OAIE governance structure is designed to enable OAIE’s leadership group to make timely and effective decisions for the Academy as a whole while taking account of the  views and interests of members. At its heart is the Global Trustee Board (GTB), an executive body which is legally responsible for the governance and overall management of OAIE.