AME Accreditation for Management Education


Management education accreditation is, today, an industry in need of restructuring.

Highly concentrated accreditation organizations are preserving decades old standards.

Conceptual and operational flaws mar the process. The need is there for an alternative that reflects present day business dynamics and market needs.

We created to develop and implement novel standards for management education accreditation.


AME is guided by primary and secondary objectives.


To the primary objectives belong the following:

1. Develop innovative standards for accreditation of management instruction programs at educational or professional institutions

2. Apply developed standards to programs and institutions willing to go through the process of accreditation and introduce relevant adjustments.

3. Create a network of progressive management education institutions.

4. Enhance the process of accreditation through consulting and advice

5. Support the process of accreditation through publication, seminars, conferences and discussion forums




Institutional membership is open to all institutions offering business degrees and programmes. Institutional members have the rights to participate in the democratic functioning of AME.


Annual fees for Institutional membership                          GDP£500.00



Members with Accredited Programmes:


Victoria School of Management

EuroPort Business School

Cyprus International University



Candidacy Member:


Prague Business School





American University Cyprus

Lomonosov Moscow State University

Saratov State Technical University

South Russia University

Vaal University of Technology